Responsible Community Involvement & Support

CamCentral Systems Inc. is a responsible member of the local and international community that provides support to a variety of charitable organizations. Our company has a long 30+ year history of supporting excellent charitable organizations that provide valuable assistance to members of the communities that are in need. Support is provided to both local and international organizations from around the world each year via excellent programs that are operated by registered charities. Being an active citizen of the local and international communities is considered to be very important by CamCentral Systems Inc. which is a company dedicated to providing much needed support. Our company has supported a wide variety of charitable organizations over the years in an effort to provide social assistance to those less fortunate who are in need. The charities range from medical services to social programs all of which are aimed to make the communities a better place for everyone.

CamCentral Systems Inc. is proud to support the following international charitable organizations:

Embrace Rwanda International Society

Christian Blind Mission International

CamCentral Systems Inc. continues to be a responsible community member by supporting a variety of local and international charities during each year. We invite you to also contribute to the charitable organizations of your choice in an effort to provide much needed assistance to those less fortunate people who are in need of medical programs and social services.

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