Vancouver BC Canada Summer

Axis Experience Center Vancouver

CamCentral Systems Inc. and Axis Communications are pleased to invite you and your associates to a customized presentation at the new Axis Experience Center that is located at Broadway Ave. and Renfrew St. in Vancouver. We are welcoming members from all departments within your organization to explore the possibilities using the latest Axis equipment and software. There is a great selection of new features and possibilities available now when using the latest generation of analytics enabled Axis cameras. Some of the new features include:

New Axis Object Analytics
Suite of AI-based analytics for actionable insights. Detect, classify, track, and count humans and vehicles. For security, safety, and operational efficiency. Run multiple scenarios simultaneously on the edge. Flexible and easy configuration. Preinstalled at no extra cost.

Cross Line Counting Analytics
Count objects that cross a virtual tripwire in a defined direction. An event can also be triggered whenever a set number of selected objects have crossed the line. You can set up events and collect data separately or simultaneously. This can be used to count, cars, trucks, bikes and humans to provide reports. Included with new camera purchase.

Occupancy Counter Analytics
Estimate occupancy levels in a defined area where you want to count selected objects in real-time. You can also set up triggers for when the occupancy level reaches a set number of selected objects and collect data to gain insights.

New Radar Camera Features

AXIS Q1656-DLE Radar Video Fusion Camera

Data Analytics Tool In Axis Camera Station
The latest Video Management System from Axis features new data analytics tools. Axis analytics solutions transform video, audio, and other data into valuable insights you can act on instantly. We use AI to open the door to stronger, faster conversion of data into triggered events that let you respond appropriately.

Please email us if any members of your organization would like to attend a customized presentation at the new Axis Experience Center. We can arrange a date and time that works for you.

Axis Experience Center