CamCentral Systems Inc. provides clients from around the world with excellent digital video surveillance system setup, integration and maintenance services. The highly skilled and AXIS certified technicians at CamCentral Systems Inc. offer the very best customer service for clients in a variety of global industries. Reliable and efficient digital video surveillance solutions are created using the latest technologies by CamCentral Systems Inc. from the worldwide headquarters in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. CamCentral Systems Inc. has over 30 years of industry experience and has built advanced digital video surveillance systems for a wide variety of clients in different industries from around the world. Contact the sales department at CamCentral Systems Inc. today to learn more about how the latest technology can be used by your company to improve security, efficiency and production potential.

CamCentral Systems Inc. offers the following digital video surveillance services:

Access & Storage

Camera Software

Design & Installation

Video Surveillance Investigation & Reporting