Alaska Ferry Terminals Installation

CamCentral Systems Inc. Receives $1.03 Million Dollar Contract To Be The Systems Integrator For The Alaska Ferries.

Vancouver based CamCentral Systems, Inc., a leading integrator of network video and camera surveillance systems, has been selected as the systems integrator to provide high-tech IP-camera surveillance systems for the State of Alaska’s ferry terminals.

Times have definitely changed. Since the terrorist attacks of September 11th we have all been affected by it in one-way or another. CamCentral Systems, Inc. and its customers, see the need for upgrading or replacing security systems to meet the highest standards available today. CamCentral is on the forefront of IP digital surveillance technology, providing customers access to high quality video and image storage, rapid data distribution, and remote accessibility from any computer in the world. CamCentral has also designed software that meets the world’s need for high-tech security systems.

CamCentral introduced its new 6.4TB OSS SATA RAID. The SATA Raid delivers unparalleled storage capacity, management and configuration simplicity, while ensuring maximum protection for enterprise level storage.

The State of Alaska saw the need to upgrade its security system to their ferry terminal sites and has approved CamCentral to provide the software for the system. CamCentral has been designated systems integrator because of their experience with IP based camera systems, web based application video systems and PC networks.

Also, with Alaska’s rugged and vast harsh climate, ocean lined border, freezing temperatures and marine weather conditions the upgrade to the security system calls for an integrator with the experience and technology to supply and apply the specific elements needed for such a scarcely populated and severe environment. Ever changing technology demands specialization. Therefore, CamCentral works closely with its application development partners: the Swedish Firm Axis Communications (supplying the video servers), BroadWare Systems (supplying archive servers and software), and rugged Pelco cameras.

At CamCentral, a consistent level of customer satisfaction is their main objective and is a company committed to satisfying all of its customer’s security needs with the latest technology. Peter Turner, President of CamCentral Systems, is quoted to say, “We take our responsibility for protecting people and property very seriously.” The $ 1.03 Million Dollars (US) allotted by the State of Alaska to CamCentral for them to integrate and help construct the design of this high quality security system for the upgrade of the Alaska ferry terminal sites, will definitely meet the standards of today’s security needs while providing an easy and highly secure management system for monitoring the major ferry terminal sites.

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