November 2020 – New AXIS Products Now Available

The most recent AXIS video surveillance products are now available for purchase from CamCentral Systems Inc. for customers from around the world. Contact the team of Certified AXIS Professionals today for assistance when selecting the perfect products for your location. Our staff will be pleased to assist you in making the very best purchasing decision and ensure that your AXIS products arrive fast and secure using international couriers.

Below is the full list of new AXIS video surveillance products that are available during November 2020.

Product Name Number Description MSRP USD
2N AU 2.0 – 13.56MHz NFC SEC, 2G 02142-001 2N Access Unit – RFID 13,56MHz NFC secured (reads PACS ID), second generation with better reading distance/time $450.00
2N Grandstream GXV-3350 – VoIP 02240-001 Grandstream GXV 3350 Multimedia IP phone with 5” digital color LCD (1280×720), Android, Wifi, PoE, tiltable camera

Peripherals: HDMI- out, USB, headset jack, EHS

AXIS AUDIO MANAGER PRO C7050 MK II 02071-004 AXIS Audio Manager Pro provides easy, remote management of large IP audio installations. Take control of your complete audio system from one single user interface which handles, for example, system setup of audio devices, zone management, audio content management, and audio scheduling. Especially useful in retail or in schools, AXIS Audio Manager Pro helps you broadcast music, live or scheduled announcements, emergency messages, and more, either individually in separate zones or centrally to all devices. With quick installation, intuitive operation, and online device status monitoring, AXIS Audio Manager realizes the benefits of network audio. $2,995.00
AXIS S9101 Mk II 01985-004 AXIS Camera Station S9101 Mk II Desktop Terminal is a complement to Axis recorders to enable quick set-up of a surveillance workstation. The terminal is preloaded with an AXIS Camera Station client and preconfigured to minimize installation time. AXIS S9101 Mk II has validated hardware and software components for optimal surveillance experience and includes 3-year limited hardware warranty to the distributor, with a supplemental 2-year owner’s limited hardware warranty upon product and user registration. $1,199.00

Order the latest AXIS products online or over the telephone from CamCentral Systems Inc. using fast and reliable couriers for delivery anywhere in the world!

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