Cargo Ship Video Surveillance Systems

CamCentral Systems Inc. offers the very best cargo ship video monitoring safety and security systems for companies from around the world.

This type of video monitoring system uses high quality AXIS cameras that are made from marine grade stainless steel to be able to handle the outdoor installation locations. The AXIS fixed point dome style camera uses motion detection to record video footage as the cargo is loaded and unloaded while the ship is at every port location. This allows for detailed records to be captured during all operations. AXIS Stainless Steel Video Camera

The AXIS video cameras capture footage both day and night and have excellent low light capability. The very best AXIS cameras feature many options and provide detailed evidence of cargo operations at all times. A high level of detail is captured with 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second that cargo ship owners and operators are able to use during investigations when incidents are reported. This system greatly increases overall safety and provides evidence if cargo is claimed to have been damaged during transport.

The automatic operations of this video monitoring system makes it an excellent upgrade for cargo ships. The advanced video motion detection allows for the system to detect when operations are active. The system automatically and can handle both day and night time operations using quality AXIS cameras which feature low light capabilities.

The AXIS network video recorders used to store footage also encrypts the files on the hard drive to ensure maximum security. Video footage can be viewed and downloaded using the ship Internet connection or via WiFi when the ship is docked in a port that provides the service. The video recorder features a 5-year warranty and also 4 GB of storage space so there is enough room to record many loads and unloads during the ship operations from year to year. AXIS Video Recorder

The worldwide headquarters location for this type of video monitoring system installations by CamCentral Systems Inc. is the international port of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We provide installation services using Certified AXIS Professionals during all 12 months of the year at this fully featured port location. Our company provides reliable installation services for this type of video monitoring system package at a variety of international cargo ship port locations in supernatural British Columbia, Canada including Vancouver, Richmond, Tsawwassen and Nanaimo.

Contact CamCentral Systems Inc. today via email or telephone for more information and to upgrade your cargo ship fleet with an advanced video monitoring system.

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