AXIS 4K Ultra HD Network Cameras

AXIS Communications continues to be a video surveillance industry leader using the 4K Ultra HD camera technology which is now available in the latest products. The very advanced 4K Ultra HD camera products from AXIS Communications are perfect for video surveillance of large locations which require super fine image quality of specific areas. The 4K Ultra HD technology uses HDTV standards and features a resolution four times higher than HDTV 1080p.

When using 4K Ultra HD technology it is possible to enhance any portion of the video screen without losing the details. Customers can view the live video stream in HD 1080p and take advantage of 4K recordings for forensic purposes.

4K surveillance in challenging lighting. The AXIS P1367, AXIS P1367-E and AXIS P1368-E Network Cameras provide up to 4K resolution video which is perfect for large open areas with challenging light conditions. The outdoor versions allow for larger zoom lenses and easier installation.

Some AXIS Communication cameras feature integrated IR illumination which produces amazing results when combined with 4K Ultra HD Technology. Now all customers can have super fine, high resolution video surveillance footage both during the day and night irrespective of lighting conditions. AXIS Communications cameras also have support for AXIS Camera Application Platform enabling the installation of advanced video applications such as Video Motion Detection and Cross Line Detection along with many other applications.

Contact the sales department today at CamCentral Systems Inc. for a detailed price quote on the latest 4K Ultra HD video cameras that are available from AXIS Communications.

AXIS 4K Ultra HD Camera Technology

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