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CamCentral Systems Inc. is a certified supplier of custom AXIS Companion hardware and software product solutions for clients from around the world. The very best AXIS Companion video surveillance systems are available using the latest technologies from AXIS Communications which is a worldwide industry leader for hardware and software manufacturing. The AXIS Companion line of video products are easy to use and practical to install in a variety of industry applications. The systems are designed to be complete video surveillance solutions for small sized businesses that are easily accessible by all members of the company. The AXIS Companion systems offer secure remote access to real-time video recordings and long-term storage archives. The software features mobile software applications for viewing video recordings using both Android and IPhone types of handheld devices. With simple system setup and very cost efficient prices, the AXIS Companion systems are an excellent choice for small business installations around the world. The video capture features along with storage technology is scalable and easy to upgrade in the future. This type of low cost, scalable video surveillance is perfect for companies that want to monitor the operations staff, locations and valued assets. CamCentral Systems can assist your company in selecting the very best AXIS Companion products for your specific requirements that will produce the most efficient solution possible. Our trained and experienced video system experts offer excellent service and support for every customer. Your company can benefit with excellent AXIS Companion video products that are provided by CamCentral Systems Inc. to provide a reliable and efficient solution. You can view the full line of AXIS Companion hardware and software products available using this fully featured website from CamCentral Systems Inc. then contact the sales department for a price quote or shop online.

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Contact the sales department at CamCentral Systems Inc. today for a price quote on the latest AXIS Companion hardware and software products that are available for your company solution. The trained and certified members of the CamCentral Systems Inc. team would be pleased to assist you in choosing and implementing the perfect AXIS Companion product system. Request Quote

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