Wavestore & Silent Sentinel Products

CamCentral Systems Inc. is pleased to announce that Wavestore and Silent Sentinel products are now available for purchase. The Wavestore video management software and Silent Sentinel Oculus network camera products can be purchased from CamCentral Systems Inc. as of August 2017. We invite your company to view the selection of excellent VMS and camera products that are available.

Silent Sentinel Network Cameras

The Oculus series of network cameras from Silent Sentinel are fully featured and reliable products that are perfect for a variety of property types. These network cameras offers continuous 360 degree rotation surveillance for maximum coverage, vandal-resistant enclosures and PTZ operation. Companies can use these advanced network cameras to maintain constant surveillance on any property with video, thermal and radiometric imaging technologies. The Oculus series of network cameras is designed to handle harsh and challenging environments while providing excellent surveillance.

Silent Sentinel Oculus Products

Wavestore Video Management Software

The Video Management Software offered by Wavestore uses the latest cutting edge technology to provide a one screen type of solution that allows for complete control over multiple cameras. The Wavestore open platform Video Management Software (VMS) is very powerful and allows camera operators to efficiently manage multiple cameras from one workstation. Wavestore can be installed as a standalone application or be fully integrated with video surveillance and other third-party device technologies. This video management software also supports physical access control, video analytics and large storage solutions. The reliable and flexible video management software from Wavestore is an excellent choice for surveillance systems in a variety of industry types.

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