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August 2023 – New AXIS Products Now Available

We are pleased to offer the latest AXIS products that were released during August 2023. The latest technology and most advanced features are available in AXIS video surveillance products.

Below is the full list of new AXIS products that are available during August 2023.

Product Name Number SKU Product Description MSRP USD
AXIS TA1601 Mounting Plate 02687-001 7331021081666 AXIS TA1601 Mounting Plate is compatible with AXIS TQ1808-VE Surveillance Cabinet and AXIS A1210-B Network Door Controller to build 4 door controller kit – AXIS A1214 Network Door Controller Kit AXIS TA1601 Mounting Plate is included in AXIS A1214 Network Door Controller Kit. $59.00
AXIS A1214 Door Controller Kit 02684-001 7331021081635 This all-in-one, out-of-the-box-ready kit can control up to four doors. It includes four AXIS A1210-B units enclosed in AXIS TQ1808-VE, a robust, vandal-resistant IK10- and NEMA 4x-rated cabinet. Fully integrated within Axis end-to-end solutions, it offers fast and easy installation. $1,999.00
AXIS TP6902-E ADAPTER BRACKET 02854-001 7331021085374 Adapter bracket that allows Axis P5676-LE to be connected to Q6100. The material is PC+ABS Cycoloy C6600 GY8D352 and comes in Axis White. $49.00
AXIS TM3210 RECESSED MOUNT 02817-001 7331021084520 Recessed mount for selected AXIS M43 cameras. Includes cover for fisheye panoramic cameras. $49.00
AXIS TM3211 RECESSED MOUNT 02818-001 7331021084537 Indoor recessed mount for drop ceiling installation. The aluminum casing makes it suitable for use in air handling spaces. Compatible with selected AXIS M43 Series fisheye panoramic cameras. $149.00
AXIS P3827-PVE 02450-001 7331021077423 AXIS P3827-PVE delivers a 180º panoramic overview of extensive areas with high resolution images and incredible details up to 30 fps. With 7 MP resolution and seamless stitching of all four images, it offers 180° horizontal and 90° vertical coverage with no blind spots. Built on ARTPEC-8, it offers powerful artificial intelligence and deep learning analytics on the edge. With AXIS Object Analytics, it can accurately detect and classify moving objects for more effective monitoring. Including horizon straightening, this product will give an excellent viewing experience, enabling to set the horizon in the image. Additionally, built-in cybersecurity features prevent unauthorized access and safeguard your system. Power over Ethernet. $1,499.00
AXIS M3057-PLR Mk II DOME CAMERA 02457-001 7331021077713 AXIS M3057-PLR MkII is a 6Mp resolution fisheye rollingstock compliant camera offering excellent image quality and a complete 180° or 360° overview. It is intended to be used inside trains or buses. It comes with a M12 connector pigtail. This dome also offers dewarped views such as panorama, quad, corner, and corridor views directly from the camera. It includes Axis Lightfinder and Axis Forensic WDR for true colors and great details in challenging light or near darkness. The IR allows for surveillance in pitch darkness. Furthermore, enhanced security functionality prevents unauthorized access and safeguards your system. $999.00
AXIS TQ1502-E Front Window Kit 02717-001 7331021082274 Original front window assembly for AXIS Q62-LE, IK09 rated. Includes a complete front window glass assembly with mounting screws and sealing gasket; and a wiper arm (long-life, UV-resistant silicone rubber included). Note: IR window available separately. $159.00

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