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February 2023 – New AXIS Products Now Available

The new generation of AXIS video surveillance products are now available for purchase from CamCentral Systems Inc. using worldwide delivery.

Below is the full list of new AXIS products that are available during February 2023:

Product Name Number SKU Description MSRP USD
AXIS C7050 MK III 02723-004 7331021082496 AXIS Audio Manager Pro provides easy, remote management of large IP audio installations. Take control of your complete audio system from one single user interface which handles, for example, system setup of audio devices, zone management, audio content management, and audio scheduling. Especially useful in retail or in schools, AXIS Audio Manager Pro helps you broadcast music, live or scheduled announcements, emergency messages, and more, either individually in separate zones or centrally to all devices. With quick installation, intuitive operation, and online device status monitoring, AXIS Audio Manager realizes the benefits of network audio. $3,299.00
AXIS Q6318-LE 60 Hz 02447-004 7331021077386 High-end PTZ camera with UHD 4K @30fps (8MP), ½” RGB sensor, 31x optical Quick zoom 1sec from width to tele and Laser Focus. Outdoor-ready, IP66, IK10 and NEMA 4x-rated NEMA TS2 for temperature up to 74C (165F). Zipstream with H.264/ H.265, Arctic Temperature Control enables operation and start up from -40 °C. Auto day/night functionality, IR illumination up to 200M (656Ft). Continuous 360º rotation. Shock detection, Autotracking 2, Tour recording and Active Gatekeeper. Compass ruler overlay, Privacy mask with chameleon and mosaic masking. Highlight compensation. Build in analytics. Clear transparent dome cover and High PoE midspan with fiber slot are included. No mounting bracket included (several different accessories available). $3,449.00
AXIS S9302 02692-004 7331021082281 AXIS Camera Station S9302 Workstation is a complement to Axis recorders to enable quick set-up of a workstation meeting the demands for a reliable Ultra HD surveillance. The workstation is preloaded with an AXIS Camera Station client and preconfigured to minimize installation time. AXIS S9302 has validated hardware and software components for optimal surveillance experience and includes 5-year limited hardware warranty. $2,699.00
AXIS S2108 02403-004 7331021077089 AXIS Camera Station S2108 Appliance is an affordable, all-in-one appliance including a VMS client/server, storage, and an integrated PoE switch – all validated to meet the demands for reliable, basic surveillance up to 1080p. It is preloaded with AXIS Camera Station VMS and all other necessary software such as Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and AXIS Recorder Toolbox. It includes a Trusted Platform module (TPM 2.0), 2 TB storage, Core licenses for 8 devices and 5-year limited hardware warranty. $1,899.00
AXIS TP1804-E Front Window Kit 02714-001 7331021082243 Spare part front window kit for AXIS P1465-LE 9 mm. Abrasion and UV resistant for long service life. Includes cover ring, front window, and rubber gasket. $49.00
AXIS TU6001 CONN 3-PIN 3.81MM 10P 02464-021 7331021077942 AXIS TU6001 Conn 3-pin 3.81mm 10p is a bulk pack of 10x AXIS TU6001 Conn 3-pin 3.81mm.
AXIS TU6001 Conn 3-pin is compatible with the 2nd generation of F-series Main units: F9111, F9114, and F9104-B and F9114-B
AXIS TU6001 Conn 3-pin 3.81mm helps connecting AXIS F91 main units to the DC power.
AXIS TM1901 WIRELESS KIT US 02627-004 7331021080447 Wireless communication kit for AXIS M1075-L Box Camera.
The kit includes a wireless adapter and a power injector for AXIS M1075-L Box Camera. This allows the camera to communicate with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency. The wireless adapter supports 802.11ac/b/g/n. The power injector is powered by 100-240 V AC (50-60 Hz). Requires ethernet cable.
AXIS TQ1003-E Wall Mount 02567-001 Wall mount compatible with all Axis outdoor fixed box cameras and housings. Corrosion tested according to NEMA 4X, UL listed and IK10 rated.Highly robust, Rotatable, and Flexible cable routing. $59.00

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