May 2021 – New AXIS Products Now Available

New video surveillance products are now available from AXIS Communications that offer the latest technologies and advanced features.

Below is the complete list of new AXIS products that are available during May 2021:

Product Name Number Description MSRP USD
2N NVT PL-08 SWITCH 2 ADAPTERS 02318-001 NVT phybridge 2 wire to ethernet convertor. The package contains 8 port switch unit and 2 adaptors. Other adaptors can be purchased as SKU 02319-001 (pack with 6 adaptors). $950.00
2N NVT PL-08 PACK OF 6 ADAPTERS 02319-001 Sixpack of NVT adaptors compatible with NVT switch 02318-001. Solution for 2wire to ethernet conversion. $730.00
2N INDOOR SURFACE INSTALLATION BOX 02320-001 2N Indoor answering unit surface installation box, required for the 2N® Indoor View (02087-001 or 02088-001), 2N® Indoor Compact (01935-001 or 01936-001) and 2N® Indoor Talk (01698-001 or 01699-001). $22.00
AXIS TI8901 FACE PLATE REPLACEMENT 02070-001 Stainless steel face plate replacement sold as a spare part for AXIS I8016-LVE Network Video Intercom. It enables easy on-site replacement in case the original plate has been damaged or vandalized. $199.00
AXIS TI8603 Conduit Adapter 3/4″NPS 02233-001 Cable protection attachment bracket for AXIS I8016-LVE Network Video Intercom, compatible with 3/4″ Conduits. $34.00
AXIS TI8602 WALL MOUNT BACK BOX 02066-001 Wall mount to be used together with AXIS I8016-LVE Network Video Intercom. Highly robust with IK10 and IP69 rating. $149.00
AXIS TI8202 RECESSED MOUNT 02067-001 Recessed mount offering neat installation of AXIS I8016-LVE Network Video Intercom. Multiple mounting and wiring options along with a robust construction makes it suitable for most situations and wall types. $49.00
AXIS TQ3201-E RECESSED MOUNT 02136-001 Recessed mount for indoor and outdoor use of AXIS Q36, P38 and Q38 Series. $149.00
AXIS P3245-LVE 22 MM 02047-001 Fixed dome with support for Forensic WDR, Lightfinder 2.0 and OptimizedIR illumination.
Discreet, dust- and IK10 vandal-resistant outdoor-ready casing. Varifocal 9-22 mm P-Iris lens with remote zoom and focus simplifying the installation. Multiple, individually
configurable H.264, H.265 and Motion JPEG streams. HDTV 1080p at 30 fps with WDR. Zipstream for reduced bandwidth and storage. Video motion detection and tampering alarm.
Two-way audio and audio detection. Supervised digital input / digital output for alarm / event handling. Signed firmware and secure boot ensure firmware authenticity. Memory card slot
for optional local video storage. Power over Ethernet. Includes mounting bracket for wall/ceiling or junction boxes.
AXIS Q3819-PVE 01819-001 AXIS Q3819-PVE delivers a 180º panoramic overview of extensive areas. With 14 MP resolution and seamless stitching of all four images, it offers 180° horizontal and 38° vertical coverage. It’s possible to mount two cameras back-to-back for a complete 360° overview using AXIS T94V01C Dual Camera Mount. It features AXIS Object Analytics for nuanced and remarkably granular object classification. Furthermore, it includes built-in motors allowing for remote pan/tilt/roll functionality and it offers smart pairing with Axis network speakers using edge-to-edge technology. Furthermore, Axis Edge Vault protects your Axis device ID and simplifies authorization of Axis devices on your network. $1,999.00
AXIS TI8902 GLASS REPLACEMENT KIT 02069-001 Glass replacement kit sold as a spare part to AXIS I8016-LVE Network Video Intercom. It enables easy on-site replacement in case the original cover has been damaged or vandalized. $49.00

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