COVID-19 Thermal Camera Prevention System

This is an advanced thermal camera and blackbody calibration device detection system that can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by detecting in real time the external body temperature of multiple people entering an indoor location.

The main reasons why an indoor location should use this type of advanced solution specific thermal camera with blackbody system are:

– Compliance with new government regulations that require increased pandemic safety measures to be implemented at indoor location entrances.

– Real time facial detection using advanced video analytics to avoid heated objects such as coffee cups for example from creating false alarms.

– Blackbody calibration device in the thermal camera field of view to increase detection to approximately +/- 0.3 degrees Celsius or +/- 0.54° Fahrenheit.

– Practical and safe distance of location employees away from multiple people entering the indoor location by not having to use a handheld thermal device.

– Quick screening of large amounts of people entering the location without creating delays or causing people to stand / walk close together.

– Increased safety and comfort for employees and visitors to the location.

Thermal Camera Blackbody

This type of thermal temperature monitoring system has a targeted method of detection, uses a relatively long distance for measurement and can handle a large amount of amount people being tested per second using advanced video analytics technology. The system uses a combination for facial detection, video analytics and thermal camera technology to target the face area of people when entering the camera field of view testing area. For example, if a person enters the testing area with a warm cup of coffee, the system does not trigger the alarm because only the person’s face is being targeted by the thermal camera temperature monitoring in real time. The images below are screenshots of actual thermal camera video that show human temperature monitoring under these circumstances: 1) person wearing glasses and a mask, 2) person wearing a mask, 3) person holding a hot beverage, and 4) person wearing a helmet.

Thermal Detection

This type of thermal temperature monitoring system can be used to protect employee workforces, indoor public spaces, transit, hospitals, border checkpoints, educational institutions, office buildings, casinos, stadiums, food processors, construction sites, senior care homes and many more types of locations. Three of the main benefits for installing this type of system to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 are:

– To help identify elevated temperatures of people at the indoor location.

– To provide location employees a practical tool for increasing safety.

– To implement a reliable and efficient solution so indoor locations can move forward when opening in accordance with local government regulations.

This type of thermal temperature monitoring system has effective technology that can handle up to 30 people at a time scanned while walking through the testing area within the thermal camera field of view. There are multiple levels of technology working together to make this system work properly, reliably and efficiently.

The thermal camera blackbody calibration device in the field of view is one of the components that make this type of system the best option for indoor locations. The blackbody calibration tool consists of a target object where the temperature is precisely known and controlled. This is important in external human temperature detection where reliability is required. The blackbody calibration device in the thermal camera field of view increases accuracy of detection to approximately +/- 0.3 degrees Celsius or +/- 0.54° Fahrenheit. By deploying the blackbody calibration device at an indoor location it is easier to establish an accurate relationship between gray level and temperature. Thermal cameras display images in palettes comprised of 256 discreet color or gray levels. Imagine your target has a temperature difference between 0°C and 256°C, each gray or color level would represent 1 degree of temperature difference. Now apply this same color mapping into a scene with temperatures between 35°C and 45°C or 10 degrees. Each color now represents 0.03°C (10°C ÷256), a value lower than the most sensitive uncooled cameras. The result is some display of noise. There are many applications in which it is very important to set the span as narrow as possible in order to see the smallest temperature variations possible. In this type of system there is the reliable fixed temperature blackbody object in the thermal camera field of view which can be used to calibrate and detect all other objects’ temperatures. The blackbody calibration device is located approximately 3 metres / 9.8 feet away from the thermal camera.

When an elevated external body temperature of a person is detected by this system the alarm is triggered and the color of the box around a person’s face changes to red on the public view monitor so the location employees can take action. The thermal camera used in this type of system has an internal buzzer that can be used for audio alarm when an elevated temperature is detected. Additional visual alarms such as flashing lights or audio alarms such as speakers can be installed using relays at an additional cost.

The thermal camera in this solution can be located up to 500 metres away from the main NVR unit. The main NVR features Enhanced Power and Data Transmission Distances (ePoE) technology. Up to 4 thermal cameras can be connected to one main NVR unit.

This solution has long-distance, rapid screening of up to 4.50 metres (15.0 feet) distance away from the thermal camera. The recommended distance from the thermal camera to the measurement area is 3.0 metres / 9.8 feet.

Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution

This type of thermal temperature monitoring system can be setup in a variety of different ways. The thermal camera can be hard mounted to a location wall or mounted to a movable tripod. This quote includes two tripods, one tripod for the thermal camera mount and one tripod for the blackbody calibration device mount to provide the most flexibility during installation to produce the optimum temperature detection within the location parameters.

Optional external relays can be used to activate additional devices such as visual lights, audio speakers and physical access gates or doors. Relays, lights and speakers can be provided at an additional cost and are not included in this quote.

Customers considering this technology should be aware that, while it may be an effective method to quickly screen individuals for the presence of a raised body temperature, it has its limitations and is not a medical grade device.

The standard manufacturer warranty for all equipment hardware is 3 years. Extended manufacturer equipment hardware warranty option of an additional 2 years for a total of 5 years is available at an additional cost and is not included in this quote.

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