February 2020 – New AXIS Products Now Available

Certified AXIS products that offer the latest technologies are available now for purchase from CamCentral Systems Inc. using fast and reliable couriers for delivery to locations around the world.

Product Name Number Description MSRP USD
AXIS A8207-VE MK II 02026-001 AXIS A8207-VE Network Video Door Station combines a fully featured 6MP security camera with high-quality, two-way audio communication and remote entry control. It also has an integrated RFID access control reader. By providing both surveillance, visitor management, and employee accessibility, AXIS A8207-VE increases the efficiency while keeping down the number of devices at the door. Analytics, such as motion or sound-based detection, is supported. Based on open standards and with several hardware interfaces, AXIS A8207-VE easily integrates with other systems and solutions and is prepared for future needs. Interaction is intuitive and accessible, with an inductive loop for hearing aid. $1,499.00
AXIS LIVE PRIVACY SHIELD 01931-001 When you want video surveillance but still need to protect peoples privacy. $199.00
AXIS LIVE PRIVACY SHIELD 10PCS 01931-021 Ten (10) unit e-license for AXIS Live Privacy Shield, when you want video surveillance but still need to protect peoples privacy. $1,989.00
AXIS LONG RANGE POE EXTENDER KIT 01857-001 AXIS Long range PoE Extender kit offers a smart and easy-to-install solution for extending the range of your network and PoE up to 1000m (3280ft.). Connect the product in-line with the CAT5e or CAT6 cable and power and data are forwarded to your Axis network devices. AXIS Long range PoE Extender kit supports both IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at compliant devices and can withstand challenging temperatures. The product is NEMA TS2 compatible. $499.00
AXIS TQ3801 HYDROPHILIC CLEAR DOME 01820-001 Accessory clear dome with special hydrophilic coating. Helps to prevent water droplets from covering the dome in rainy conditions. The coating also provides a self-cleaning effect that helps carry away dirt and dust by rain-wash. Compatible with AXIS P3807-PLE, AXIS Q3615-VE   and AXIS Q3617-VE. Single pack $99.00

Contact CamCentral Systems Inc. today to order the latest AXIS Communications video surveillance products. We deliver using fast and reliable couriers to customers from around the world.

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