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The City Of Vancouver continues during 2019 to choose the AXIS Certified Professional services and genuine products from CamCentral Systems Inc. for the municipal video surveillance around the local community. Traffic intersections during 2019 are being outfitted with new AXIS video surveillance cameras to provide the very best tools and technology for the City of Vancouver to work with. CamCentral Systems Inc. is a Gold Level solution partners and Application Development Partner that has provided the very best video surveillance products and services to the City Of Vancouver for many years. Customers can rely up on the 30+ years of video surveillance industry experience that CamCentral Systems Inc. has to build the most reliable and efficient solutions in any location type.

Knight and 1st Vancouver BC Canada

The City Of Vancouver Traffic Stop Department engineers have recently installed during 2019 a selection of new AXIS video surveillance cameras supplied by CamCentral Systems Inc. at the following intersection locations.

– Beatty Street & Smithe Street
– Clark Drive & 1st Avenue
– Expo Boulevard & Smithe Street
– Granville Street & 70th Avenue
– Knight Street & 41st Avenue
– Main Street & Terminal Avenue
– Oak Street & 70th Avenue
– Rupert Street & GVH

The Clark Drive and 1st Avenue intersection features an advanced video surveillance camera system that has 360 degree coverage using a combination of 5 cameras total. The configuration is 4 fixed cameras and one user operated Pan Tilt Zoom camera. The 4 fixed cameras are pointed in each traffic direction (East, West, North, South). The center Pan Tilt Zoom camera can be manually operated from the City Of Vancouver control room or set to operate on an automated schedule.

Vancouver BC Canada Video Cameras

Digital video surveillance cameras are excellent for providing assistance to emergency first responders and also daily operations in the community. They can be used for variety of purposes such as traffic accident investigations, police incident investigations, emergency response assistance, traffic volume reporting and many more.

Knight and 1st Vancouver BC Canada

The City Of Vancouver has many video surveillance cameras installed at traffic intersection locations. A low resolution still image for traffic updates can be viewed on the City Of Vancouver website using the link below.

City Of Vancouver Traffic Cameras:

You can see the difference in image quality between the old non-AXIS cameras and the new AXIS cameras that were installed during 2019 using the two links below. The new AXIS cameras feature the latest lenses and software technology to produce the best possible image quality.

Old Non-AXIS Cameras:

New AXIS Cameras:

Contact CamCentral Systems Inc. to review your video surveillance project with AXIS certified professionals. Our team can assist you in choosing the perfect equipment and software for your location anywhere in the world.

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