City Of Vancouver Chooses CamCentral Systems Inc.

The City Of Vancouver has chosen CamCentral Systems Inc. during 2019 to provide quality AXIS video surveillance products for installation at traffic intersections in the Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada metropolitan area. CamCentral Systems Inc. provides over 30 years of industry experience to assist the City Of Vancouver in choosing the perfect AXIS video surveillance hardware and software products to produce the very best solutions that benefit the entire community. AXIS certified technicians from CamCentral Systems Inc. work together with the engineers from the City Of Vancouver Traffic Signal Shop to build reliable and efficient video surveillance systems that can be expanded in the years to come with advanced analytics software.

Nelson Avenue & Seymour Street Intersection

Traffic Camera Vancouver BC CanadaThe first AXIS network video surveillance camera that was supplied by CamCentral Systems Inc. was installed during May 2019 in the downtown area of Vancouver at the traffic intersection of Nelson Avenue and Seymour Street. This very busy traffic intersection has large amounts of vehicle, pedestrian and bike activity that can all be monitored by the new AXIS Q6055-E Network Camera that was installed by the City Of Vancouver Traffic Stop Engineering Department. The engineers from the City of Vancouver worked with the team of engineers from CamCentral Systems Inc. to develop the best solution to implement at many intersections in the Vancouver area. During 2019, the City Of Vancouver is replacing the old analog Pelco cameras that were installed for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Seymour Street is the major traffic route for vehicles travelling for Vancouver International Airport (YVR) to locations in the Sea To Sky Corridor such as as Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton. There are large amount of vehicle traffic along this route which spans across the very busy downtown Vancouver area.

CamCentral Systems Inc. was contacted by the City Of Vancouver Traffic Stop Department in 2018 because a new, more reliable and advanced video surveillance solution was required. The team of AXIS certified engineers at CamCentral Systems Inc. provided multiple consultations to assist the City Of Vancouver to produce the best solution that met the initial requirements and also allowed for future expansions using the initial installations.

Smart Cameras Make The Community Safer & More Efficient

AXIS Q6000-E PTZ Network CameraThe new AXIS Q6055-E Network Cameras that the City Of Vancouver purchased are very advanced and feature many excellent technologies that make the community safer for everyone using real-time video analytics analysis. Each AXIS camera can be individually configured to meet the specific requirements of the installation location. Task specific analytics software can be uploaded into the AXIS cameras to provide reliable solutions for the City Of Vancouver staff to use. Video Surveillance cameras are very useful for traffic, bike and pedestrian monitoring which is then used for planning analysis. They also support City Of Vancouver Police Department public safety operations during large events such as the Olympic Games, Celebration of Lights and various race events. Strategically placed video surveillance cameras can assist first responders during emergencies in public areas. The AXIS Q6055-E Network Cameras can also be combined with the AXIS Q6000-E Network Cameras to provide complete 360 degree video surveillance coverage of installation locations. The AXIS Q6000-E Network Camera uses 4 cameras that point in different directions and allow for the PTZ camera to be mounted underneath. This provides camera operators with complete situational awareness using this very advanced type of video surveillance hardware and software setup.

A History Of Excellent Service

AXIS Certified Professional TechniciansCamCentral Systems Inc. is currently based at the new North Vancouver office in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. The office location was previously in the downtown Vancouver area for over 25 years while providing excellent customer service to a variety of video surveillance installation locations. CamCentral Systems Inc. is a digital video surveillance hardware and software supplier that is Gold level certified by AXIS Communications. The company has also been an AXIS certified Application Development Partner since the creation of the program. CamCentral Systems Inc. provides the very best professional services with a team of certified technicians and over 30 years of video surveillance industry operations. Service areas in British Columbia, Canada include Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Richmond, Whistler, Squamish, Pemberton and North Vancouver. CamCentral Systems Inc. is available to provide video surveillance products and services to customer located in British Columbia Canada and also around the world.

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Contact CamCentral Systems Inc. today for a video surveillance hardware or software price quote. You can also visit the company website to shop online to order a wide selection of video surveillance products. The team of AXIS certified technicians at CamCentral Systems Inc. will be pleased to assist you in selecting the perfect video surveillance handware and software for your installation location anywhere in the world.

City Of Vancouver Video Surveillance Camera

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