International Security Conference West 2019

International Security Conference West 2019

CamCentral Systems Inc. has the most recent information available from the International Security Conference West 2019 to be able to provide clients with the latest products from the video surveillance industry.

Latest AXIS Video Surveillance Products

Some of the new AXIS Video Surveillance products that will become available during 2019 are listed below:

AXIS M4206-LV Network Camera

AXIS P5655-E PTZ Network Camera

AXIS P3719-PLE Network Camera

AXIS P1375-E Network Camera

AXIS A8207-VE Network Video Door Station

AXIS P7304 Video Encoder

AXIS Camera Station S2212 Appliance

AXIS Camera Station S2216 Recorder

AXIS Companion Dome Mini LE Network Camera

New AXIS P1375 Outdoor Housing Enclosure

AXIS Communications at ISC West 2019 also displayed the new outdoor housing enclosure for the P1375 network camera model that has the IR Illumination mounted externally to the bottom of the unit.

AXIS New Video Surveillance Products

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International Security Conference West 2019

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