Time Lapse Capture Cameras & Software

CamCentral Systems Inc. provides excellent video surveillance cameras and software systems for time lapse capture. You can purchase the very best digital network camera model for your location and use fully featured time lapse software to create amazing videos that span across long durations of time. Time lapse videos are a good way to show scenes in transition across time when the captured frames are composited. Many companies find time lapse videos useful for promotional videos and project reviews.

There are many different time lapse options available such as frequency of image capture, frame rate of video playback, screen resolution, time scheduling of image capture and many more. Each time lapse setup can be customized in detail to match the customer requirements for final video composition and usage. CamCentral Systems Inc. has over 30 years of video surveillance industry experience and certified technicians that can provide your company with the perfect time lapse solution.

Below is a time lapse capture example from outside the CamCentral Systems Inc. office in North Vancouver, BC, Canada using an AXIS video surveillance camera. This example captures one frame every minute and plays them back at a speed of 20 frames per second. It was created using an AXIS P1405-LE Mk II Network Camera with custom time lapse capture and compositing software.

Contact CamCentral Systems Inc. today for more detailed information and to start your video surveillance time lapse system. Products and services are available to customers from around the world using secure Internet connections and reliable shipping couriers.

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