Strata Property Video Surveillance Solutions

CamCentral Systems Inc. provides professional video surveillance products and services for both commercial and residential strata properties during all seasons. Your strata property can hire the AXIS Certified Professionals from CamCentral Systems Inc. to install and manage the very best AXIS video surveillance, audio broadcast and physical access systems. All systems are custom designed and built to meet the specific requirements of the strata customer.

Investigation and reporting service are available from CamCentral Systems Inc. using the Internet for remote login to the client network. Strata managers, property managers and strata council members can login online to the secure private strata account to view detailed incident reports that include video clips, still frames and text summaries.

Monthly service plans are available for customers who want to have certified AXIS professionals login to their network remotely to provide maintenance or investigations.

Contact CamCentral Systems Inc. today for an AXIS video surveillance product or AXIS certified professional technician service price quote.

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