Loss Prevention Using Video Surveillance

Losses in a variety of retail store operation types amount to millions of dollars of revenue every day around the world. The two main causes are employees who commit thefts that are difficult to detect and customers committing either planned or spontaneous crimes. Installing advanced prevention loss video surveillance systems can help reduce or eliminate product thefts at retail locations. There are various types of video surveillance equipment and analytics software applications that can be used to deter retail product thefts.

Some of the methods that can be used to prevent retail store thefts are listed below.

Entrance Screen Cameras & Display Screens

Unbiased Employee Inspection

Entrance & Exit Tailgating Detection

Entrance & Exit Direction Monitoring

Integrated Audio Speakers

Customer Facial Recognition

Contact CamCentral Systems Inc. today to learn more about how advanced video surveillance equipment and customizable analytics software applications can be used to reduce or eliminate product theft from your retail store locations.

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