Complete Solutions For Perimeter Protection

CamCentral Systems Inc. can combine advanced digital video camera technology and motion detectors utilizing radar technology and create a surveillance solution tailored to your security requirements. The latest video surveillance hardware and software products excellent perimeter protection for locations all around the world. CamCentral Systems Inc. sells the very best digital video surveillance solutions using quality products from AXIS Communications.

These types of solutions can easily be integrated with other IP network cameras, area flood lights, audio loudspeakers along with existing security systems for optimal performance at the installation location. AXIS Communications thermal cameras can visualize the heat radiating from objects in the local area which enables them to see in total darkness with no light. The advanced digital network surveillance cameras can also be set to automatically alert for moving persons or vehicles that enter the local area.

The Products from AXIS Communications produce complete solutions. Below are the major product categories that are used to build reliable video surveillance solutions.

Network Cameras

Video Recorders

Management Software


Contact CamCentral Systems Inc. for a custom AXIS Communications product solutions quote and create an advanced video surveillance setup for your company.

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