Motion Detection Video Surveillance Technology

Advanced camera systems sold by CamCentral Systems Inc. that are produced by AXIS Communications feature Motion Detection Video Surveillance technology which allows for selective recording of activity within the area. This allows for super fine tuning of video surveillance cameras to allow them to only recording activity that involves specific areas.

AXIS Video Motion Detection is a free video analytics application that is included on most AXIS network cameras and encoders. It is very advanced and has many excellent features that can be used to customize video camera installations for optimal performance. The latest compatibility as of 2017 is AXIS Video Motion Detection 4 which will be supported and pre-loaded in all products starting from firmware 6.50. The new version provides excellent features to optimize any video surveillance installation setup.

An example of AXIS Video Motion Detection 4 is shown in the video below. The different zones are predefined and the highlights are done in real time based upon the analytics detections.

Each video surveillance installation is unique and needs specific hardware and software to maximize performance. AXIS Communications offers a wide selection of advanced video surveillance products that are well suited for a variety of operations.

The AXIS certified technicians at CamCentral Systems Inc. can setup your video surveillance cameras and configure them with the best motion detection settings for optimal performance.

Motion Detection Video Surveillance

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