AXIS People Counter

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Smart analytics for people counting. Optimize your store's performance.


AXIS People Counter is a cost-efficient and scalable video analytics application for people counting. This business-improving application, installed on a network camera, enables accurate monitoring and analysis of customer flows. It is ideal for e.g. quick evaluation of marketing efforts, improving staff and store planning, or evaluating conversion rate if combined with point-of-sale data. AXIS People Counter automatically counts in real time the number of people passing under a camera and in which direction. Users can access the data collected by AXIS People Counter in four different ways:

1) Using a standard web browser to access the camera website based user interface.

2) Through an open HTTP API in the camera, whereby you can extract real-time static raw data, as well as data for specified time periods, and in various formats; for example, JSON, XML and CSV.

3) By using AXIS Store Reporter, which is a web-based service that gathers statistical data from various sources of Axis retail analytics applications and presents the data and graphical representations in one interface. Ideal for use in multi-site and multi-camera installations.

4) Through AXIS Store Data Manager, a locally run software program for easy integration of data into third-party business intelligence applications.

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