BriefCam Video Surveillance Analytics

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The BriefCam® complete Video Content Analytics platform drives exponential value from surveillance system investments by making video searchable, actionable and quantifiable. Law Enforcement Agencies Combat Crime, Improve Public Safety, and Foster Economic Development with BriefCam Video Content Analytics.

BriefCam® software improves post-event investigation productivity by pinpointing people and objects of interest with speed and precision.


The CamBriefCam® Investigator for law enforcement agencies delivers a unique fusion of computer vision and Deep Learning technologies, together with its patented VIDEO SYNOPSIS® application, enabling video investigators to rapidly pinpoint people and objects of interest, review hours of video in just minutes, and effectively collaborate on cases for swift resolution. The Investigator product, available in the cloud, or on-premise, is a plug-and-play, all-in-one video analytics solution, for file-based video ingestion that seamlessly transforms video into actionable intelligence. The BriefCam® Investigator accelerates investigations, increases the productivity of video investigators, and enables rapid time-to-target.

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