AXIS Case Insight USGOV 1year BWC Lic

$948.00 USD

NB: For customers requiring CJIS storage
AXIS Case Insight securely gathers evidence in an easy-to-manage, centralized location. All types of digital evidence can be uploaded and it’s easy to collaborate with internal investigators and share information externally. With automatic redaction of faces, it’s easy to protect sensitive information and ensure the public’s privacy remains intact. Designed with cybersecurity in mind, it offers end-to-end encryption of videos from the AXIS W100 Body Worn Camera. Audit trail functionality records every change made to the files ensuring your evidence can hold up in court. This end-to-end solution with integration possibilities automatically collects evidence from Axis body worn cameras. Furthermore, with all hardware, software, and hosting from Axis, users can benefit from one, complete solution from one, trusted supplier.
Includes access and unlimited storage for Body Worn Camera videos from one camera during one year. Additional storage for other evidence are sold separately.
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